Why Canada?

After we decided to experience working and living abroad, we started to think on countries.

The first important thing is language. Our native language is Turkish and second language is English so for us, living in a country that has English as an official language was important.

The second thing was about the community. We thought on the countries that are really ‘welcoming’ for immigrants.

We also considered education & health system, white-collar life and working conditions, social life, nature and building the future in that country.

In the end, we had 3 options 🙂 Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Even Australia and New Zealand are great countries, Canada had always been a special place at our hearts and brains 🙂

After selecting the country, we searched for immigration system of Canada. We always wanted to go on with the safest and healthy way that is suitable for us so Express Entry, Federal Skilled Worker program was the best one.

In next post, I will write about this program and how we got the Permanent Residency with this program.

See you!